MP GAPO Funded PADI Dive Course

Absolutely! It's fantastic news that the Parliament of People Majilis of Maldives, led by Abdul Gafoor Moosa, has decided to fund the PADI open water course conducted by Naivaadhoo Dive Center. This initiative provides a wonderful opportunity for individuals to explore the underwater world and learn valuable skills. Registration for the course is now open until May 10th, 2024, but please note that there are limited seats available. If you're interested in participating, be sure to secure your spot before it's too late! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with the registration process

Naivaadhoo Dive

Naivaadhoo Dive is a dive center located in the north part of Maldives, offering diving services and experiences to visitors. As a dive center, Naivaadhoo Dive provides training, courses and guided diving tours for individuals looking to explore the underwater world of the Maldives. With its proximity to the largest cave in the Maldives, Naivaadhoo Dive may offer specialized diving experiences for those interested in exploring this unique underwater feature.

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Why Sailors choose Naivaadhoo

Sailors choose the Naivaadhoo area to anchor due to its sheltered and calm waters, making it a safe and secure location for boats to moor. The area provides protection from strong winds and currents, offering a peaceful anchorage for sailors seeking a restful stop during their journey. Additionally, Naivaadhoo boasts a beautiful big beach, a shallow lagoon, and two small islands within the same lagoon, providing a picturesque setting for visitors to enjoy. The island also offers a variety of water sports activities for enthusiasts to partake in, adding to the allure of the destination. Furthermore, the locals on Naivaadhoo are known for their friendliness, creating a welcoming and safe environment for visitors. With no reported crime cases, Naivaadhoo is recognized as a peaceful island, ideal for sailors and travelers seeking a tranquil and enjoyable experience.

Dive Training

Learn scuba diving from our experienced instructors and get certified to explore the depths of the ocean.

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Capture the beauty of the underwater world with our professional underwater photography services.

Night Dives

Experience the thrill of diving in the darkness and witness the mesmerizing nocturnal marine life.

clown fish underwater
clown fish underwater
Marine Life Encounters

Get up close and personal with a diverse range of marine species and witness their natural behavior.

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